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PTE One Section Plan

  1. Access to the course for 30 days
  2. Questions for a particular section broken down into the detail you need to know
  3. Videos and notes to accompany each question for a certain section
  4. Specific tactics and techniques to pass each question for a certain section
  5. Examples of how to apply the tactics
  6. Templates for Speaking, Writing or Listening section to help you apply the tactics 
  7. A strategy for the overall section, including time spent on each question, and how important it is to the overall result, so you achieve the target score you want.

  8. Continuous Full Support until you achieve your desired score
  9. Unlimited email support, and get answers to your questions in a timely manner
  10. Track your progress and know when you are ready to take the exam with test assessments
  11. Real PTE exam questions
  12. Homework feedback to make sure you are applying strategies and techniques in the right way 
  13.  Bonus example videos to help you to get the exam right next time you take it.

50% Complete